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For the seekers of quality wine without the pretense.

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For the seekers of quality wine without the pretense

The Foot Path Way

At Foot Path Winery, we grow our grapes in the soils of sunny Southern California. We do so organically because high-quality wine predates man made chemicals.  We believe dedication and hand craftsmanship shines brighter than mass creation. For this reason, we use old world techniques of wine creation, while taking delicate care of our wines through every step of the crafting process. Foot Path Winery is the only certified users of organic grapes in all of the Temecula Valley area. We cultivate the soil, harvest our grapes by hand, and pour passionate effort into every bottle produced. Come visit us the Temecula Winery that is off the beaten path, Foot Path Winery

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Why We Do It

 At Foot Path Winery, we Create for those with the inclination to journey off of the pre-established path, to experience the finer things in life without the pretentiousness. We provide the opportunity for people to have a down to earth rustic wine tasting experience while not compromising on quality. Experience the most pure wine Temecula Valley has to offer.

Experience the Best Wineries in Temecula, CA

The Southern California sunshine offers some of the most fertile ground for growing wine grapes. With Temecula’s lush soil, enriched with minerals and nutrients, we have peak growing conditions. With our careful attention detail and Foot Path Wineries signature style, the quality of our wine is evident with every drop. We bring an Old School style of production to the beautiful Temecula, CA wineries scene. We make wine for lovers of high-quality reds.

Explore The Hidden Gem of Temecula Vineyards

Foot Path offers the most unique experience of all of the wineries in Temecula, CA. We provide a down to earth, rustic experience. With our large variety of uniquely crafted wines, we are your source for masterfully created wines. Our wide selection of reds offer luxury to fit all tastes.

Experience Unique Vintages Crafted from Certified Organic Grapes

Foot Path Winery is proud to deliver the only vegan friendly wines produced from certified organic grapes in the Temecula, CA area.

“We craft our wines naturally, because nature knows best.”
- Deane Foote