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With the days of quarantine finally coming to a close, most of us can’t wait to get together with friends and family. The right wine can enhance the social experience by bringing an air of relaxation and elegance to the occasion.

Here are five wines that will bring your social experience to life.

1. Mourvedre

While cooped up in our houses all spring, many of us had daydreams of being surrounded by loved ones around a barbecue pit, with delicious meets searing on the grill.

As the mouth-watering aroma fills the backyard, you find yourself surrounded by smiles and laughter.

Mourvedre is the perfect wine to fit your dream scenario. Its succulent, balanced feel pairs seamlessly with meats and sauces. Its plush texture engulfs your palate in complexity, and its rich potency leaves a pleasant warmth in your belly.

Our 2014 Mourvedre is a part of our velvet edition. The Velvet Vintage afforded this wine a luxurious texture and a supple silky finish

2. Cabernet

With all that’s been going on, dinner parties have been hard to come by. The warm smiles and laughter accompanied by delicious food have been sorely missed. Memories of warm home-cooked meals and soft soothing music come to mind. 

Cabernet is the perfect wine to fit this ideal ambiance.

Cabernet is one of the most popular wines in the world. It gets its popularity from its rich flavor and its elegant feel. This wine is perfect for dinner parties with wine lovers or casual drinkers alike. It is a full-bodied wine with an abundance of flavor.  

Our 2017 Cabernet belongs to the sunshine edition, named for the warm weather of the vintage. The warmth enhanced the Tannins and legs and gave this wine deep, complex qualities.

3. 2010 LAF

As of late, even the most introverted among us crave the presence of people. The social energy that comes from a group of 10 or more has been a thing of the past for the last few months.

You miss the light-hearted fun that comes with a night out.

Imagine, a perfect night.  Joyous laughter as a result tight bonds being built. A combination of excitement, and relaxation being felt. All your cares fade into the background.

While getting back into a group for the first time, you’re likely to feel a bit anxious. Naturally, since you have been out of practice for so long, you may find it difficult to get back in the social swing of things. Have no fear, cultures across the world have been using wine to ease inhibitions for centuries.

The 2010 LAF: is the perfect wine for getting the party going. It’s smooth qualities and potent character is sure to lead to a good time.

As a result of the aging process, our 2010 LAF has a rich potency, and a complex, elegant feel. This high-quality wine is a part of our velvet vintage, named for its silky, luxurious feel. This wine has all the qualities you look for in a wine, with a deep rich flavor to go along with its bold body.

Let 2010 LAF’s strong character and rich flavor jumpstart your next social engagement.

4. Merlot

We miss the simple things. Feet laid up by a glistening body of water with a book in hand. Watching flames dance against a dark starry sky among those you hold dearest. 

Our Merlot has a balanced fruity feel and its sublime rich texture will do well to inspire the warm emotions that lead to memories that last for a lifetime.

This wine is perfect for s’mores around a warm fire on a chilly night.

Our  2014 Merlot is a part of our Peak vintage edition. The weather in the vintage concentrated the lush qualities of this wine, causing it to embody the very essence of elegance. 

This classic wine has a smooth consistency and a lasting fruity finish.

5. Zin/Syrah

Picture, friends and family, gathered around with warm buttery popcorn.

Glued to the screen watching your favorite family film.

Nestled under blankets.

Whether it’s a movie, book club, a dinner party, or just catching up with someone you’ve been apart from,  Zin Syrah is the perfect wine for all things social.

Zin Syrah is a blend of two classics. Two of the world’s favorites combined to create something sublime.

The sweet, fruity flavor of this wine meshes well with its complex characteristics. The red hue, alluring aroma, and delicious flavor will add to the overall warmth of the occasion.

Our 2016 Zin Syrah is another member of our velvet edition. This light-bodied wine’s sweet, consistent flavor, and its luxurious qualities in almost any social setting.